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Bind to EXE library for Delphi/C++ Builder
enable your application to bind files into executable file on the fly


Bind to EXE library enables your application to bind/extract a collection of files to/from an executable file at runtime. Thus, with this library, you can make an "executable file factory", which can produce different executable files with different resource files embedded in it. Screen saver builder, upx, aspack, Pano2exe, WinZip's SFX, etc. all fall into such "executable file factory" and can be implemented by Bind to EXE library with a few lines of codes.

Main Features:

1. Enable your application to bind/extract any files to/from an executable file on the fly.

2. Easy development interface enables your application to add/remove/update the embedded files in the executable file as you like.

3. Easy development interface enables your application to browse, find and extract the embedded files, you can also extract the embedded files to a in-memory stream or an external file.

2. Integrate high efficient & flexible compress algorithm to reduce the size of the embedded files.

3. Integrate Blowfish algorithm to encrypt & decrypt the embedded files.

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